About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality AC, heating, and refrigeration services to all of Southern California.

About the Company

In 1986, with 10 years experience in the HVACR industry, William Beeson opened his first air conditioning business. Willie later sold his business to partner with a major HVAC company in 1999, but left the partnership in 2003 to once again pursue his own company. That company is Mission Aire. It was incorporated in June 2008. Mission Aire is quickly becoming an elite HVACR company with a conviction to create lifelong relationships with its clients.

Willie Beeson is a 30+ year veteran of the HVAC industry.

As Mission Aire Corporation’s CEO he has rapidly grown the company in it’s first few years. Willie first learned the HVAC industry while serving in the USAF. After leaving the Air Force Willie went to work for the Trane company as a technician. After completing a total of 8 years of technical training Willie has worn a lot of hats in the HVAC industry and has served as technician, salesman, general manager, engineer, owner and CEO for several companies.