Commercial Services

Some of the commercial services we offer:

  • Service and maintenance on all types of split system, package units, gas fired or heat pump. From 1 ton to 100 ton systems of all brands.
  • Sheet metal installation and design. Flex duct or rigid. Full installation services of all types of sheet metal or ducting systems. Ventilation systems or exhaust.
  • Heating systems, gas fired furnaces of all size. Boilers, hot water only. Service and maintenance and installation of Lo Nox approved boiler conversions.
  • Chilled water systems, service and maintenance on all types of chilled water systems, reciprocating, screw or centrifugal. Annuals service repair or retrofit. Engineered refrigerant conversions. Design build of central plant. Process or comfort cooling.
  • Ductless systems. Factory authorized Fujitsu service contractor.
  • Installation of ductless mini splits for server rooms, conference rooms or hospital application. Single zone or multi-zone.
  • Duct cleaning, using the RotoBrush system capable of cleaning large commercial duct-work systems. Includes sanitizer fogger system to kill bacteria or molds or allergens.
  • Filtration systems, installation of filtration systems for commercial application using HiE series filters, electrostatic or UV style.